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Encounter High Arctic wilderness on the Narwhal-Polar bear safari


You are warm in your luxurious Arctic style yurt camp on an Arctic beach, but you walk out to find seemingly endless skies and gaze up at several migratory birds flying over neighbouring cliffs and sparkling glaciers. The stellar views of the dramatic landscapes as you flew into your camp are fresh in your mind as you relish hot gourmet meals and the refreshing glacial melt water tea.

This exciting experience allows you to photograph and observe Arctic wildlife in their natural habitat, where sea ice melts and mammals meet. Pods of the elusive and mystical Narwhals feed and thrive in diverse ecosystems with polar bears and seals.

Traverse through these floe edges in a traditional Inuit sled, with a Inuit guide, learning about the history and culture of this region and its ancestors residing in the ancient Thule sites. Snorkel and Kayak in the floe edges with whales, climb glistening icebergs and experience 24 daylight of the ‪Midnight sun. 

This unhurried Arctic experience in small groups, is ideal for first timers as well as Arctic frequenters. So if you are adventurous and live in the moment, are patient for wildlife spotting and do not want a regular *sightseeing* tour, join in to explore the magical High Arctic wilderness.