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Additional rules and regulations during COVID times

In Addition to the standard terms and conditions outlined on our website for your travels, the following additional rules will be applied to every person travelling during current times where there could be possibilities of COVID in the Cities, State or Country you will be visiting and booking through Compact Travels Private Limited (Namaste Tourism) here after referred as CTPL.

1. CTPL is only a facilitator and a Travel company assisting you with your booking processes and updating you with the latest rules, regulations and guidelines to travel during COVID times.

2. The rules outlined at the time of request of booking could be changed and are dynamic as per government rules and norms of the city, state or country that you intend visiting and the city, state or country that you intend travelling from. These rules might change just before or during your travel and you need to adapt to it.

3. It is you as a client who is wholly and solely responsible to update and get the updated information on these guidelines of the quarantine rules as well as the tests needed whether vaccination or test or any such thing imposed by the local authorities.
4. At CTPL our attempt will be to ensure that we give you the latest rules, however, from the time the booking request is made to the time of travel these rules can change. Hence you need to get the most up-to-date information prior to your immediate departure. In case you are not allowed to board or not allowed to travel the same may be due to reasons given by the government authority for which we have no control or check on please note.

5. Prior to departure certain countries or regions may insist on certain tests like RT PCR test or a vaccination certificate in case you have completed your dosage of vaccination or as per the norms laid down by the government.

6. The visa issuing authority might also insist on some specific rules or guidelines. The state could be within India or outside India you intend travelling may also have different rules. Hence it is important and imperative to check rules laid down by the airlines, by the state you are travelling from and the state you are travelling to.

7. Whatever additional tests required at the airport may have to be mandatorily undertaken as outlined by the government and additional charges if any need to be paid directly by the client at the point of origin, point of transit, point of destination and may apply to all or some of these locations.

8. There is no specific control of how the functioning of these tests , checks and guidelines at each airport takes place. So the time taken at each of these airports may vary as per the local authorities and guidelines which could change from time to time.

9. Incase for any reason during the RT PCR test, you test positive it is your responsibility. So the cancellation charges as applicable may apply although an attempt will be made to cancel your reservations and cancellation conditions of the service provider will apply. Hence it becomes your moral responsibility to ensure that you are safe from any possible risk of contracting COVID.

10. It is also important to understand and know incase there are any quarantine rules whether it is institutional quarantine or home quarantine or a combination of both you need to adhere to the same and failure to do so will result in heavy penalties and/or legal actions defined by the state of the land which please note.

11. Also do not make an attempt to file any false or an incorrect certification of RT PCR and incase you do so you are wholly and solely responsible which kindly note.

12. Any other changes and amendments made from time to time will be as per the local norms of the airlines and the government and state authorities or the hotel you are staying and you need to strictly adhere to them.

13. Wearing a mask correctly is another mandatory requirement as certain airlines are now imposing rules where if you don’t wear mask appropriately during flight or during check in or on arrival you may stand a risk of being declared under the “No Fly Zone Passenger” for an extended period of time which will inconvenience you and may not permit you to travel in the near future .

⃝ I have hereby read and understood these conditions and I will strongly adhere to the same and my acceptance and acknowledgment of the terms and conditions as per this email document and making any advance payment confirm that I have gone through the above terms and conditions and I will follow the same.

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