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Guaranteed Departures 2020


CountryTour NamePlaces CoveredNo. of
Valid FromValid UntilFrom PriceFrom PriceHotel
Tour TypeCost/Day
in USD
Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, EstoniaUndiscovered Secret of Europe & Baltics3N Minsk / 2N Vilnius / 3N Riga / 2N Tallinn104-Jun-2023-Aug-20EUR 1685.00USD 1872.224*GD$171
Denmark, Norway, SwedenBeautiful Scandinavia1N Copenhagen / 1N overnight Ferry / 1N Eidfjord / 1N Bergen / 1N Stalheim / 1N Fagernes / 1N Oslo / 2N Stockholm914-May-2019-Sep-20EUR 1995.00USD 2216.674*GD$222
Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, RussiaScandinavian and Russian Jewels1N Copenhagen / 2N overnight Ferry / 1N Eidfjord / 1N Bergen / 1N Stalheim / 1N Fagernes / 1N Oslo / 2N Stockholm / 2N Helsinki / 3N St.Petersburg / 3N Moscow1814-May-2028-Sep-20EUR 3235.00USD 3594.444*GD$190
Estonia, Finland, RussiaBaltic Trio2N Tallinn / 2N Helsinki / 3N St.Petersburg715-May-202-Oct-20EUR 1565.00USD 1719.784*GD$215
Estonia, Latvia, Finland, RussiaExplore Baltic Superiors2N Riga / 2N Tallinn / 2N Helsinki / 3N St. Petersburg913-May-2018-Sep-20EUR 1875.00USD 2060.444*GD$207
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, RussiaBaltics Discovery2N Vilnius / 3N Riga / 2N Tallinn / 2N Helsinki / 3N St. Petersburg1210-May-202-Oct-20EUR 2420.00USD 2659.344*GD$205
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, RussiaBaltic Quintet2N Vilnius / 3N Riga / 2N Tallinn / 2N Helsinki / 3N St. Petersburg / 3N Moscow1510-May-205-Oct-20EUR 2940.00USD 3230.774*GD$202
IcelandHidden Powers and Northern Lights1N Reykjavik / 1N Fludir / 2N Kirkjubaejarklaustur / 1N Reykjavik521-Nov-192-Apr-20EUR 980.00USD 1088.893*,4*GD$182
Iceland, GreenlandNorthern Lights, Volcanoes & Ice3N Reykjavik / 3N Ilulissat621-Feb-2016-Apr-20EUR 2655.00USD 2950.004*GD$422
Lithuania, Latvia, EstoniaBaltic Capitals Highlight2N Vilnius / 3N Riga / 2N Tallinn729-Mar-2011-Oct-20EUR 1135.00USD 1261.114*GD$158
Lithuania, Latvia, EstoniaPremium Baltic Capitals2N Vilnius / 3N Riga / 2N Tallinn714-Jun-2030-Aug-20EUR 1395.00USD 1532.975*GD$192
Lithuania, Latvia, EstoniaBaltic Explorer1N Tallinn / 1N Vihula / 1N Tartu / 1N Marciena / 1N Daugavpils / 2N Vilnius / 1N Liepaja / 2N Riga1014-Jul-2026-Aug-20EUR 1305.00USD 1434.073*,4*GD$131
Lithuania, Latvia, EstoniaImpressive Baltic3N Tallinn / 1N Cesis / 1N Vilnius / 2N Klaipeda / 2N Riga98-May-2013-Sep-20EUR 1475.00USD 1620.883*,4*GD$163
Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, FinlandBaltic Quartet2N Vilnius / 3N Riga / 2N Tallinn / 2N Helsinki910-May-2029-Sep-20EUR 1640.00USD 1802.204*GD$181
PolandMagnificent Poland2N Krakow / 2N Warsaw / 1N Olsztyn / 2N Gdansk730-Jun-2025-Aug-20EUR 1395.00USD 1550.004*GD$194
PolandThe Best of Poland2N Warsaw / 2N Gdansk / 1N Torun / 2N Wroclaw / 1N Zakopane / 3N Krakow1115-May-2016-Oct-20EUR 1800.00USD 1978.024*,5*GD$165
PolandGems of the East2N Warsaw / 2N Gizycko / 1N Bialystok / 2N Lublin / 2N Rzeszow / 3N Krakow1229-May-2030-Sep-20EUR 2025.00USD 2225.274*,5*GD$172
Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, EstoniaPolish and Baltics Favorites2N Krakow / 2N Warsaw / 1N Olsztyn / 2N Vilnius / 3N Riga / 2N Tallinn122-Jun-2030-Aug-20EUR 2140.00USD 2351.654*GD$181
RussiaBest of Russian Capitals & Tatarstan3N St Petersburg / 2N Moscow / 1N On Board Train / 3N Kazan926-May-2027-Aug-20EUR 1860.00USD 2066.674*GD$207
RussiaSplendid Russia3N St Petersburg / 3N Moscow614-Apr-205-Oct-20EUR 1205.00USD 1338.894*GD$192
RussiaRussian Superior and The Ancient Town3N St Petersburg / 4N Moscow / 2N Suzdal919-May-2020-Aug-20EUR 1810.00USD 2011.114*GD$202
UkraineExplore Vintage Ukraine3N Kiev / 3N Lviv61-Jul-2018-Aug-20EUR 890.00USD 988.894*GD$142
Ukraine, PolandPicturesque Ukraine and Poland3N Kiev / 3N Lviv / 2N Krakow / 2N Warsaw101-Jul-2022-Aug-20EUR 1680.00USD 1866.674*GD$170


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