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Rejuvenate your soul, establish new friendship & experience satisfaction & self-accomplishment by going on an adventure trip to Japan. Japan boasts plenty of adventure activities to choose that suits best to your needs & physical fitness.

Explore & create your own trails by walking over the snow.
Awaken your hiking enthusiast and get into some cardio workout, while enjoying the scenery.

There are many cable wakeboard parks in Japan where you may learn skills and practise them. Several places like Osaka, Kachdoki Marina in Tokyo, Lake Suwa and Lake Nojiri in Nagano, Lake Biwa in Kyoto, Lake Toya in Hokkaido etc have centres that train & get lessons on wakeboarding.
Wakeboarding offers a unique combination of beauty & thrill at the same time.

Japan is an island country stretching from the sub tropic to the subarctic zone, thus offers multiple options to for divers to explore flora and fauna of the oceans.
Okinawa: Miyako Island is famous for its beautiful coral reefs, sea turtles, plentiful arches, caves and tunnels.
Okinawa: Ishigaki Island you can swim with manta rays during summers.
You can also experience diving in Shizuoka, Tokyo & Chiba.

See Japan from a bird’s view.
Among the most well-known activities in Japan is paragliding. The most famous spot for paragliding in Japan is Mt Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan.
The paragliding spots that one can explore are Mount Aso in Kumamoto which is known as Japan’s largest active volcano, Furano in Hokkaido famous for its lavender fields & fly over Matsushima Bay in Miyagi.

Rafting on the rivers and lakes of Japan is the ideal way to satiate your adventure desires.
White-water rafting in advised during the spring season as rapids are fastest during that time. Whereas as kayaking is perfect during summers.
Rafting can be done in Niseko & Mu River in Hokkaido. Sea Kayaking can be experienced in Shiretoko, Hokkaido & Lake Kayaking at Lake Shikotsu, Hokkaido.