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Japan is a shopper’s paradise ranging from high end brands to traditional souvenirs.
Cities like Tokyo and Osaka have many shopping districts, usually near major train stations. There are also malls & outlet stores offering variety to the shoppers.

Most of the stores are open every day from 10am to 8pm except on January on 1st when some stores might be closed.

Bargaining is neither common nor appreciated in most stores. There are variety of stores like departmental stores selling high quality products, electronic stores only for electronics, 100yen stores selling wide range of products for just 100 yen per item. Convenience stores are open 24×7 &some public markets selling vegetables, meat & prepared food.


Shinjuku, Tokyo:
Major departmental store, several flagship stores, japans largest electronic stores with other stores & boutiques. This area is located near Shinjuku Station. The products available here are at competitive rates.

Ginza, Tokyo:
High-end department stores, boutiques and designer brands are available at Ginza market. It is one of the most premium & best shopping places in Japan.
Odaiba – Shopping malls on a man-made island.
Odaiba is a shopping, entertainment hub and Tokyo’s must visit place. Odaiba is a manmade island -district made in Tokyo. Odaiba is famous for its quirky & futuristic attractions.
Enjoy shopping, dining and entertainment on your trip to Odaiba.

Umeda, Osaka:
Umeda, Osaka gives you a shopping experience in par with Tokyo. Situated close to Osaka station, it has many departmental stores, shopping arcades & extensive underground shopping malls.
One can find variety of clothing options, accessories, cosmetics, jewellery, and souvenirs at Umeda, Osaka.

Japan has made significant contribution in the culinary world. Different dishes are served depending on the seasons. In Japanese cuisine, rice is a common component. The following are the Japanese traditional food that one should definitely try.

The first dish that comes to your mind when thinking of Japanese cuisine is Sushi.
Sushi is made of Japanese rice with raw fish & other types of seafood. Tuna, Salmon, Mackerel etc. are some of the fishes used for making sushi.

Sashimi is a thin slices of raw fish or meat and is served with daikon radish, pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce. It is basically sushi minus the fermented rice. The Fish used to make Sashimi is usually fresh to avoid contamination & taste good.

Ramen is one of the favourite dish of Japanese made of what noodles & broth with some seasonings & toppings. Ramen is so popular in Japan that there is a ramen-themed museum/amusement park in Tokyo known as Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum.

Tempura is a crispy fried vegetable or seafood coated with battered flour. Different types of vegetables & fishes are used to make Tempura in Japan, but Shrimp tempura are the most loved ones by the locals. Tempura can be eaten by itself with a dip, grated radish or served on top of rice bowls or noodle soups.

Due to many active volcanoes Japan is a home to more than 2000 natural hot springs.
Bathing in these hot springs is a part of tradition in Japan. These hot springs are believed to treat minor injuries, diseases & also help with fatigues.
There are etiquettes & rules to follow when planning to experience the onsen.
Some of the popular onsens are Kusatsu Onsen, Beppu Onsen, Yufuin Onsen, Arima Onsen etc