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Travel Advisory Package (TAP)

Travel Advisory Package

With India transiting to GST, Namaste Tourism transits to TAP


Travel Advisory Package (TAP) is an advisory service provided by Namaste Tourism for Travellers planning holidays for Self / Friends / Relatives. In this service, we help You to plan your itinerary along with support of Visa, Forex, Insurance, etc.  We also help You in choosing the right destination at the right location, right travel period and right price.

In this service all the bookings are done directly by You. We only facilitate the transaction and help You to identify various suppliers as per your requirements and arrange for your bookings. Payment is made directly by You and we have no control over the transactions or the services taken thereafter.

After consultation, You also have a choice of booking with us or we can assist you with bookings at additional nominal fees of Rs. 1000 per transaction.



  1. Itinerary planning done by our Destination Experts
  2. Experience of planning itineraries for over 200 destinations
  3. Save your time browsing different websites for suppliers and then verifying the genuineness
  4. Advice on Visa, Forex, Insurance included
  5. Also we will guide you with the best time to travel & provide you with travel tips to a particular destination



  1. You pay online and choose your package from the 3 options
  2. Our Travel Advisor will contact you on the email and/or phone to understand your requirement and request
  3. We will also assist you in choosing the right destination based on various variables after you have subscribed for our service
  4. Within 4 working days on finalisation, you will get an itinerary and once approved, we will assist you with complete costing based on activities, budgets, duration of your trip and similar criteria.
  5. We will provide you the processes for payment which you can do so directly. Alternatively, you could seek assistance of our Namaste Team for payment at nominal transactional fees as applicable.



This is a paid service for the expertise we provide and You can choose from the following packages:

  • Single itinerary planning in India/Abroad: Rs. 10000 + GST.  BUY
    (Ideal for booking your one BIG international trip per year. The cost is per itinerary irrespective of number of persons, for leisure trips only) 
  • Dual itinerary planning within 12 months: Rs. 15000 + GST.   BUY
    (Ideal for those who plan one or two international trips per year OR one international and one trip within India per year)
  • Multi itinerary planning upto a max of 5 per year: Rs. 25000 + GST.   BUY
    (Ideal for those who frequently travel abroad on holiday or combining holiday with a business trip)

Payments can be done online, either through our website or link provided to your email id.


Guaranteed Holiday Finalization at Honest Prices


Important: We have a selection of over 75 itineraries spanning across 15 countries. As this is a ready to sell product, the same is available to you gratis on choosing any of the above package.