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Namaste Tourism encourages you to Travel RESPONSIBLY through our ETCs – Experiential Travel Curators

Namaste Tourism specialises in customised holidays with emphasis on experiential travel. We encourage our clients to visit off beat places to get authentic feel of a country or region. This also ensures that you are not one of the contributors to the phenomena of “overtourism”. To read about overtourism – Click Here

Plan a RESPONSIBLE holiday, the NAMASTE TOURISM way ….

10 easy steps for an authentic seamless holiday experience 

1. Pick your Destination and Dates of Travel

If you are unsure, let us know what you wish to achieve from your holiday and we will recommend you options accordingly.

2. Share your Preferences in Detail

The more inputs you give us about your likes, dislikes, do’s and don’ts, the better will be your end experience whilst travelling.
Would you like recommendations of some authentic culinary experiences?OR
Are you someone who is into shopping and would like us to recommend some outlets?OR
Are you someone who is active and would like to go for a hike or a trek or a cycling tour as part of your holiday? OR
Do you want an amazing property where you can relax and see the waves hitting the shore OR
See a sunrise across the horizon.

3. Define your Budget

Clarify what you expect out of your budget provided – Is it accommodation with sightseeing with or without meals, with or without flights, with or without experiences or even offbeat experiences?

4. Define your Pace and Style of Travel

Are you an early riser and wish to have a super packed day? OR
Do you wish to go slow and easy? OR
Are you travelling with parents or kids hence want some time for personal bonding too? OR
Would you wish to do full day trips? OR
Do you prefer staying in one place and doing varied experiences each day? OR
Do you prefer changing locations or accommodation every day or two days? OR
Do you want to self drive or need a private guide or vehicle? OR
Do you wish to see sights along with an international mix of travellers?

5. Identify your Accommodation Preference

Do you prefer branded hotels that offer value adds, or boutique hotels or apartments or villas or home stay? Every style of accommodation is possible and some unique experiences do come at a price.

6. Pay your TRIP Planning Fee

Based on your inputs, we will curate an experience for you and if you do go ahead and book with us your end to end experience for your entire duration of stay, we are glad to adjust part of the fees towards booking charges. Our fees vary for the duration of planning and the range of recommendations and generally start at a nominal charge which is equivalent to a per person spending per day.
Your first draft itinerary will be provided within 3 to 4 working days and we are glad to include upto 3 revisions without any additional fees.

7. Final and Detailed Itinerary

Once agreed on the programme, we will provide a detailed itinerary with pricing and inclusions. You may seek our team’s help to book your flight tickets at a nominal service fee as well as recommendation and referrals for visa assistance. Ensure that you have blank pages in your passport for visa stamping purposes as well as have a valid passport with a minimum requisite validity of 6 months or more, as defined by the countries you intend visiting as well as adhering to the guidelines of the local Immigration Authorities. Do let us know in advance if you are not an Indian passport holder as at times the prices may vary based on your nationality.

8. Make Final Payments

The final payment for all services has to be prior to departure and as defined by service providers and the cancellation policies are as per the service providers terms and conditions.

9. Ready, Pack and Go

We give you a comprehensive check list before your travels so that all the inputs are covered including some insights which you may not necessarily find in any guide book.

10. Namaste Recommends End-to-end Experience

With the uncertainty due to natural and/or manmade calamities it is always recommended to book end to end travel with us and also avail of concierge service with a 24×7 number at your disposal. That way you travel hassle free – stress free and have a real vacation