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    NAMASTE endeavors to create a brand which stands for quality, reliability, trust, expertise and a platform for sharing memorable experiences through Tourism exchanges.

    Namaste – a salutation in Sanskrit has many connotations…click here to read more

    Invitation to Tourism Boards, Hotels, Service providers and DMCs to partner and say NAMASTE

    We invite Regional and State Tourism Boards, Travel Agents, service providers comprising of restaurants, sightseeing attractions, hotels, airlines to be part of this new revolution in travel and extend your services to ensure that the Indian outbound visitor takes back memorable experiences at great value from your State and in turn also endorses your country or region encouraging more visitors to visit your State by sharing their experiences through the Namaste platform.

     Discover Central Europe Road Show 2016, Mumbai & New Delhi

    V4 which promotes Central Europe: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia conducted a workshop to showcase destination of Central Europe and Namaste Tourism presented a journey through V4 countries to assist the travel trade partners present in Mumbai & New Delhi to create itineraries which includes travel to the V4 countries.

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    Namaste Tourism is proud to be a member of Pure Life Experiences that creates a platform for an emerging movement of mavericks re-imagining the role of high-end, experiential travel to positively impact conservation efforts and transform lives.pure_logo-nt-500x500