NAMASTE endeavors to create a brand which stands for quality, reliability, trust, expertise and a platform for sharing memorable experiences through Tourism exchanges.

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About Us

About Us

Namaste – a gesture performed with the hands pressed together with palms facing one another & head slightly bowed, is a traditional greeting in India. It is a combination of 2 words – Nama  which in Sanskrit implies “I bow respectfully to you” and aste which in Sanskrit means “let there be”.

Namaste had deep spiritual connotations and also stands for a bonding or belief between 2 parties – essentially one recognising the other. India is known for its impeccable hospitality and as Namaste Tourism, we want this to be translated into service levels that are second to none.

In Yoga too, Namaste is done to express reverence and honour the respectful bond that exists between the learner and the trainer. The spiritual significance of the word Namaste implies  “the divine in me honours the divine in you” and through this word we wish to convey that we are here to take you through amazing experiences in India and across the globe.

Our  team of expert destination planners  creates the Indian connection offering a wide range of holiday ideas along with our select partners who wish to imbibe and implement  memorable travel experiences for you.

Namaste Tourism encourages you to visit each country extensively and not merely the iconic places but also  encourages you to explore the expanse of each country, experience the diversity to bring back and share these experiences with others.

Whether, it is leisure, adventure, romance, we will definitely encourage you to explore places like never before thus creating a new revolution in the way of putting your plans together to travel to some of the most exotic locations across the world.

We invite you to speak to us for your travels across India and the the world  – #Exploredifferently  


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