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Shalom Israel, a country with centuries of history, culture and the base of the world’s oldest religions. Religious icons, party spots, beaches, fine wines, chic shopping and spa destinations and Michelin starred restaurants.

Why Travel with Namaste Israel?

  • A local concierge service with a 24×7 emergency contact number assisting you with all facets of Israel – restaurants, shopping and local experiences
  • We focus on local experiences as much as important sounds and sights that you must visit
  • Our tailor made touring looks into finer elements including pace of travel and off beat as well as insider experiences where possible

Europa Park
High-octane thrills are on the agenda at Europa-Park in Rust, along with themed European worlds and spectacular events with a Europe-wide reputation.
At Europa-Park, the whole family can look forward to a sensational mix of adventure, entertainment and white-knuckle thrills. The 90-hectare grounds are divided into themed lands, 13 of which feature the architecture, food and flora of a particular European region. More than 100 shows and attractions – including eleven rollercoasters – promise extreme thrills, excitement and plenty of memorable moments.

Mount Zugspitze
Zugspitze is one of the most famous mountain peaks in the Alps. Measuring 2,962m, it is not only Germany’s highest mountain, but also one of the most popular destinations for visitors from all over the world.
There is a 360° panoramic view from the top and in good weather more than 400 peaks in surrounding Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy can be seen. Walks high among the Alps where the ice never melts, summer and winter toboggan rides on natural snow and the fact that is easily accessible by two cable cars and a rack-railway make the Zugspitze an ideal mountain destination

Eagles´s Nest, Salt Mine & National Park of Berchtesgaden
From the foot of the Obersalzberg, hop on a special coach that will take you to the WWII-era brass elevator, which then whisks you up to the Eagle’s Nest, perched on top of the mountain. Enjoy magnificent views of the towering snowcapped peaks of the Bavarian Alps and the surrounding countryside. It is a short walk from here to the cross on the summit of the Obersalzberg.
Below Obersalzberg are the 450-year-old salt mines. Walk in miners’ footsteps as you don a traditional mining outfit and descend into the grottos. Hear fascinating tales and learn interesting facts about this underground world from your guide, and then end your mining adventure with a raft sail on the salt lake and a train trip around the lake.
Berchtesgaden National Park is one of the oldest nature reserves in the Alps. Located in southern Bavaria, this is a particularly beautiful part of the Berchtesgaden Alps, with majestic mountains, fantastic walking trails, scenic lakes and dense forests.

Automobile Museums
‘Building the future on tradition’ – the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart is more than just a home for 125 years of automotive history. The building housing the Mercedes-Benz Museum is an exceptional piece of architecture, which reflects the ideals of originality that lie at the heart of the Mercedes-Benz brand, always striving to create completely new concepts for human mobility. A double helix inside the museum, based on human DNA, symbolizes the ‘genetic makeup’ of the brand.

BMW Welt
See, hear, feel and experience mobility. A car collection point and themed attraction unlike any other in the world, BMW Welt brings this prestigious brand to life. With a prime location close to the BMW corporate headquarters, museum and factory, BMW Welt is not just for car buffs and lovers of all things technical. It also offers a wide range of activities and regular special exhibitions, combining engineering, design and innovation with lifestyle, enterprise and culture, in a stunning, state-of-the-art building.

Porsche Museum
The extraordinary architecture of the Porsche Museum is as impressive as the cars inside. The monolithic building looks as if it is about to take off. Around 80 vehicles and numerous smaller exhibits are on display here. The German sports car manufacturer Porsche opened this impressive new automotive museum right on Porscheplatz square. For discerning fans of these iconic sports cars, it offers an unforgettable experience, making it an essential part of any visit to Stuttgart.

In the Bavarian town of Günzburg there’s a land where everyone can be a hero: it’s called Legoland. In eight fascinating worlds of adventure, the park has more than 50 attractions, rides, live shows, a holiday village and faithfully replicated models made from over 50 million pieces of Lego.

Water attractions and rollercoaster’s help turn a visit to the park into an unforgettable highlight of any holiday. Fun and entertainment combined with learning through play and interactive elements are an outstanding combination that make Legoland truly special.

With all that’s on offer in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, it’s no surprise that the town is actually two. Garmisch and Partenkirchen were once two separate market towns and both offer charming historical centres, a wealth of culture and plenty of good old-fashioned Bavarian hospitality amid scenic surroundings. Together they form the number one winter sports venue in Germany. When people in Germany think of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the first thing that springs to mind is winter sports: seven months of snow, 60 kilometres of pistes, pristine slopes and Germany’s only glacial ski area.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a small town with a big reputation. Nowhere else will you find such a wealth of original buildings dating from the Middle Ages.
You can’t help but ask yourself whether time has stood still, as you amble past the beautiful old houses, secluded squares and tucked-away corners of the old quarter, where towers, taverns and town gates alternate with fountains, fortifications and former storehouses.

The Romantic Road
The Romantic Road whisks you away on a journey of approximately 400km from Würzburg to Füssen in the Allgäu. This ‘grandfather’ of Germany’s scenic routes – now more than 60 years old – is a highlight that attracts visitors from all over the world.
Nature, culture and hospitality are the three hallmarks of the Romantic Road. This route offers excitement for art lovers, festival goers, history buffs, sports devotees and everyone who likes a celebration. It will take you to historic towns with striking buildings and historical sites that have lost none of their original charm. Jewels come in swift succession, be it magnificent stately homes, palaces of courtly splendour or medieval timber-framed architecture.

Allianz Arena
For all fans of the beautiful game, the chance to soak up the atmosphere at the awe-inspiring Allianz Arena is one not to be missed. Whether it’s a Bundesliga battle, Champions League thriller or an international game, any match held in this masterpiece by star Swiss architects Herzog & De Meuron is sure to be an unforgettable experience.
If you wish to enjoy the ultimate buzz, deafening chants and goosebumps galore along with 69,900 other spectators, this is the ideal place to be. Guided stadium tours offer a fascinating behind-the-scenes insight into one of Europe’s most modern and beautiful stadium.

Loreley Rock
Celebrated in song and shrouded in legend – the Loreley rock is a 194-metre-high slate cliff towering above the narrowest point of the Rhine near St. Goarshausen.
It became famous for the tale of Loreley, a beautiful but melancholy siren who would sit on the rock and sing as she combed her golden hair. Her beauty and beguiling song distracted passing sailors from the strong currents and their ships smashed to pieces against the rocks. Today, the Loreley is a magnet for tourists from all over the world. In the Loreley visitor centre, an interactive exhibition tells you everything you need to know about the region. The Upper Middle Rhine Valley  where the rock is, became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2002.

Autostadt is an exhibition complex in Wolfsburg, the home of the Volkswagen Group. Focused on the subject of mobility, it offers a variety of exciting attractions and activities.
Autostadt Wolfsburg takes you on a fascinating journey through the world of the automobiles. Set in more than 25 hectares of parkland, a mixture of stunning architecture, design and nature provides the framework for a wide range of attractions. Exhibitions feature classic cars through the ages and focus on what made them so groundbreaking at the time.

Bavarian State Opera
In 1818 Munich finally gained an ‘opera house for all’ in the form of the Royal and National Theatre at Max-Joseph-Platz. By 1825, however, Klenze’s neo-classical structure had to be rebuilt because of a fire, this time with a pillared portico. Since 1875 it has been the venue for the Munich Opera Festival.
The National Theatre is home to Bavaria’s state orchestra, state opera and state ballet. At 2,500 square metres, this is the third-largest opera stage in the world.

Hanukkah (The Festival of Lights)
This Jewish holiday is not the “Jewish Christmas” as at times assumed – as a norm it predates Christmas. Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days, beginning on the 25th of Kislev, around mid- to late-December.

Days of Awe
As per the Jewish faith the Days of Awe are the 10 days from the start of Rosh Hashanah to the end of Yom Kippur. This is an important period, which always occurs in the autumn and is devoted to introspection, repentance, and atonement for sins. According to Judaism, it is during the Days of Awe that God decides on each person’s fate in the next year.

Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year)
Rosh Hashanah means “head of the year” and is commonly known as the Jewish New Year. This Jewish holiday is a solemn and holy time, no work is allowed on Rosh Hashanah, and most of the day is spent in the synagogue.

Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement)
Yom Kippur, celebrated on the 10th day of Tishri, is the most important and solemn of Jewish holidays. Yom Kippur is an important occasion on which even non-practicing Jews are most likely to attend synagogue, abstain from work or fast. It is a day of intensive reflection, repentance, fasting, worship and self-denial.

Passover (Pesach)
Pesach or Passover is a spring holiday commemorating the Exodus, one of the most important events in the history of Judaism and an important foundation for all Jewish beliefs. Passover remembers the liberation of the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt in the time of Moses.

It is widely known that the Sabbath is Saturday, the day of the week on which Jews are forbidden to work. However as per Jewish thinking, the Sabbath is not about rules but joyful celebration and rest. It is considered a gift from God and is the day Jews can relax, be with family, study and reflect.

In Judaism, Purim is a happy spring holiday that includes a festive meal, gift-giving and costumes. Purim is thus sometimes nicknamed “the Jewish Mardi Gras” or “the Jewish Halloween.”

Sukkot (Festival of Booths)
Sukkot is a harvest holiday, similar to the American holiday of Thanksgiving. It also one of the “Pilgrim Festivals” (the others are Pesach and Shavuot) on which Jews used to make pilgrimages to the Temple with offerings for God from the harvest.

Tu B’Shevat (New Year for Trees)
Sukkot is a harvest holiday, similar to the American holiday of Thanksgiving. It also one of the “Pilgrim Festivals” (the others are Pesach and Shavuot) on which Jews used to make pilgrimages to the Temple with offerings for God from the harvest.

Shavuot remembers the anniversary of the day God gave the Torah to the entire nation of Israel when they assembled at Mount Sinai. The holiday is one of the Shalosh Regalim, the three Biblical pilgrimage festivals. Shavuot begins in the evening of May 23, 2015 and ends on May 25, 2015.

Why Israel?

Israel has 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites


  • Israel has the third highest rate of entrepreneurship in the world.
  • 40,000 people travel into the Palestine part of Jerusalem on a daily basis to work
    Israel has 137 official beaches.
  • The Sea of Galilee — located .212 km below sea level — is actually the lowest freshwater lake in the world (and the largest in Israel).
  • The Dead Sea is the lowest place on Earth. People can easily float in the Dead Sea due to its unusually high salt concentration. It’s almost impossible to dive into it.
  • Eilat and the Hula Valley Reserve are some of the best bird-watching sites in the world.
    Israel has the best security module in the world.
  • 43% of the world’s economy is held by individuals of Jewish origin


Important Israeli Personalities


  • Larry Page – Founder of Google
  • Sergey Brin – Founder of Google
  • Natalie Portman – Academy Award Winner for Best Actress – Black Swan
  • Bar Rafaeli – Super Model
  • Guy Oseary – Madonna’s Business Partner


Israeli Inventions include


  • Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, both founders are Jewish.
  • Lasers
  • Pacemakers & Defibrillators
  • Genetic Engineering – Heart tissue regeneration is possible in the U.S. thanks to Israeli stem-cell technology
  • Stainless Steel
    Mass-Energy Equivalence – E = mc², is the concept that the mass of an object or system is a measure of its energy content. In some measure, this discovery led to the creation of the atomic bomb.
  • Polio Vaccine

Aap Ka Suroor
This movie was shot in Cologne North Rhine – Westphalia, Frankfurt/Main, Hessen, Heppenheim, Hessen, Königstein, Saxony, Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Rüdesheim Am Rhein, Hessen, Stuttgart & Baden-Württemberg. The story revolves around a wealthy woman who falls in love with a rock-star who soon gets arrested for Murder.

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya
This movie had its song ‘Meri Sanson Mein Basa Hai’ shot in Mainau Island, Lake Constance, Germany. The story revolves around a girl whos family wants to get her married to her father’s friends son. She goes to meet him & enroute meets someone else who pretends to be him & she falls in love with him.

Dil Toh Pagal Hai
This movie had its song ‘Dil toh pagal hai…’ shot in Europa-Park, Rust, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The story is of four lovers: Rahul, Ajay, Pooja, and Nisha. This movie explores romance as the days go on, and for some their dreams come true where as for others they find their dreams.

Don 2

This movie shooting has taken place extensively in Germany at the following locations:

• Berlin Cathedral for the scene: Diwan Waits For Shahrukh To Give Information.
• Berlin Wall for the scene: Kunal’s Entry Scene.
• Brandenburg Gate for the scene: Shown While Priyanka Chases Shahrukh After Charity Fundraiser Party.
• DZ-Bank for the scene: Shown As DCB Bank While Shahrukh Discloses The Plot.
• Fernsehturm for the scene: Tower Shown In The Intro Scenes Of Berlin.
• Konzerthaus, Gendarmenmarkt, Mitte, Berlin for the scene: Charity Fundraiser Party Held In This Hall.
• Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus, Berlin for the scene: Diwan Receives Shahrukh’s Call For Meeting Rescheduling Olympic Stadium, Berlin for the scene: Kunal’s First Meeting With Shahrukh.
• Park Inn Berlin Alexanderplatz, Berlin for the scene: Shahrukh’s 300 Ft Jump Scene.

The story goes as: Having conquered the Asian underworld, Don now has his sights set on European domination. In his way are the bosses of the existing European underworld and all the law enforcement agencies. The action shifts from Kuala Lumpur to Berlin as Don must avoid assassination or arrest, whichever comes first, in order for his plan to succeed.

Hadh Kar Di Aapne
This movie had its song ‘ Mujhe Kuchh Tumse Hai Kehna’ shot in Europa-Park, Rust.
The story goes as: Anjali Khanna had always suspected her husband, Sanjay, of cheating on her, and flirting with other women. In order to keep an eye on him and his activities, she asks her friend, who is also named Anjali Khanna to go abroad under her name, which she does. When Sanjay finds out that Anjali is going to go abroad, he hires his friend to follow Anjali and make sure she is not having an affair.

Hero No. 1
This movie had its song ‘Mohobbat ki nahin’ shot in Europa-Park, Rust, Baden-Württemberg.
The story goes as: Two young Indians, Meena and Rajesh, meet in Europe and fall in love with each other, promising to get married when they return back to India. During the meeting of both families, both fathers get into an argument, and refuse to permit the young couple to get married. No amount of persuasion gets them to change their minds. Then Rajesh, with Meena’s help, decides to work as a servant in Meena’s household – with a view of winning over her father, and thus finding a solution to their wedding problems.

Jeena Sirf Merre Liye
This movie had its song ‘Pyaar Maange’ shot in Alte Oper, Frankfurt. Also the song ‘Pyaar Maange’ was shot at Holbeinsteg Bridge, Frankfurt & Kurhaus, Wiesbaden.
The story goes as: Pinky alias Pooja Malhotra and Karan are childhood sweethearts. During this time they exchange vows that they will live for each other only. They separate shortly after but they do not forget their vows. Pooja frantically searches for her sweetheart, but to no avail. She finally decides to write her own story in a the form of a love story. This story turns out to be very popular, and Pooja does get to meet Karan, only to find out that he has a girlfriend by the name of Seema.

Black Forest
Use it or lose it’ is the motto of the Black Forest’s nature parks. With a total area of 7450 sq km, they are the two largest nature reserves in Germany, and there are so many different ways to discover the scenery and landscape.
They border the fertile Rhine valley to the west, and hilly meadows and farmland to the east. In between there are swathes of woodland, Germany’s highest hills (up to 1493m), medieval towns and cultural centres such as Baden-Baden and Freiburg. Visitors can tour these regions that spans 11100 square kilometres for free by bus or train, using the KONUS card available at nearly 140 holiday destinations.

Lake Constance
The Lake Constance region, where Germany borders Austria and Switzerland, is a holiday paradise set around one of Europe’s largest lakes. The most popular excursion is to the Flower Island of Mainau, famous for its magnificent park and gardens surrounding the baroque family residence of Count Bernadotte. Discover an oasis of natural beauty, harmony and relaxation.
Also on Lake Constance is the Monastic Island of Reichenau, which documents the religious and cultural role played by the large Benedictine abbey in the Middle Ages and has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2000. The three well-preserved Romanesque churches on the island are notable examples of monastic architecture.

Harz National Park
A mountainous region shrouded in mist or brightly lit by the sun. Water and woodland, tales of witches and state-of-the-art wellness – you can find all this and more at the Harz National Park.
Located within Germany’s most northerly mountain range, the national park is a popular area for walking and skiing.

Eifel National Park
The Eifel National Park has majestic beech forests interspersed with gnarled oak woods and tumbling brooks ensconced in mysterious ravines.
The chance to get close to nature offered by the numerous plant and animal species here is unrivalled anywhere in western Germany.

Lake Königssee
It is no exaggeration to describe the Berchtesgadener Land region as a mecca for health-conscious holidaymakers. The region has been officially designated a climatic health resort in recognition of the high concentration of therapeutic activities and amenities on offer.
Together with the adjoining national park, the region’s resorts are part of a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Unspoilt nature, organic farms, crystal-clear water and pure air – this is the essence of Berchtesgaden, a holiday destination well served by a marvellous local infrastructure which, with countless wellness hotels, beauty parlours, spas and health retreats, is fully geared towards wellness, health and spa breaks.

Mary is the Patrona Bavariae, the patron saint of Bavaria, and Marienplatz with its towering St. Mary’s column is the oldest and most central square in the heart of Munich. At the centre of the pedestrian area, it provides a setting for a number of major events and is the ideal base from which to explore the city.
The square is dominated by the neo-Gothic New Town Hall with its imposing façade and the sound of the delightful carillon in the town hall tower. Close by are some of Munich’s most exclusive shopping streets, markets and beer gardens, as well as the trio of famous city gates – Isartor, Sendlinger Tor and Karlstor.

This small, atmospheric town in a beautifully scenic location in southern Germany offers charming hotels, magnificent green spaces and a variety of health-focused options. It is also known as the Black Forest’s world-famous thermal spa region. Baden-Baden’s tradition as a spa resort dates back over 2000 years.
The Romans, who were the first to appreciate the health benefits and healing powers of its hot springs, established the first baths here as long ago as AD 69. There are a total of twelve thermal springs in Baden-Baden with therapeutic powers that remain undiminished till today.

German Wines
The main grape varieties are Riesling, Silvaner and Rivaner for white wines, and Pinot Noir for reds.

German Cuisine
Cuisine in Germany is as diverse as the regions in which it is made. Good old-fashioned taverns, more than 200 star-rated restaurants and everything in-between offer something for all tastes and any budget.
People love to eat in Germany, and it’s easy to see why! But it wouldn’t be half as good without all the regional specialities, which include fish in the north, fruit from the orchards of the Altes Land, potato dumplings in eastern Germany, sauerbraten in the Rhineland, and egg noodles and sweet treats in the south. Between mid-April and late June the humble asparagus features heavily in dishes in almost all parts of Germany.

Things to do in Israel

Come and discover Israel’s theme parks, mountain peaks, salt mines, national parks, automobile museums – they are as varied as the country itself.


Israel In One Go
Visit the major icons of Israel in one go. Gems of Israel take you through the Holy Land, experience the beaches and shopping hubs of Tel Aviv, visit the 3000 year old devout city of Jerusalem and see monuments like the Dome of the Rock, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Western Wailing Wall, stay at a kibbutz in Galilee and experience the festive city of Eilat which allows you to indulge in adventure sports and see spectacular coral reefs.
These are some of the places which should be included in your “must see list” whilst planning a holiday to Israel.


Go Beyond the Popular Icons
Visit Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery, a 19th century monastery located on the slopes of Mount Carmel above Elijah’s Cave, it can only be reached by cable car or on foot. Vadi Nisnas, a neighborhood, in the city of Haifa, is a must if you enjoy art or sculpture, you can also visit the Bahai Shrine in Haifa. The Incense Route in the Negev Desert is the 1,500-mile-long frankincense trade route from Arabia to the Mediterranean and is a recognized UNESCO site.


Choose your Experiences
You want to windsurf in Eilat, let’s add it. Do you want to stay in a kibbutz in Galilee, done. If you want to swim in the mineral rich waters of the Dead Sea or drive through the Negev Desert, we will include this. A la carte is for the customized holiday traveller who wishes to add experiences based on his time and interests.


Spice Up your short City Stays
Travelling to Israel on business or visiting friends in the region and want to extend your stay. Why not plan day trips to nearby attractions? Tel Aviv has 16 beaches you can unwind on, you can indulge in spa treatments in the Dead Sea region. Visit the Dead Sea beauty product factories on your way to Eilat, where you can continue to relax or indulge in water sports.


Indulge without boundaries
You could do a helicopter tour for a bird’s eye view of the Sea of Galilee and Golan Heights or stay in some of the iconic luxury hotels or spas across the country or experience fine dining at Michelin star restaurants, Namaste Israel helps you in planning a tour without any strings – filled with indulgence and experiences royal.


Pursue a hobby on vacation
Learn to taste and become a wine connoisseur at a boutique winery. Whether it’s cycling, hiking or pub hopping, Israel has it all. Visit the Dead Sea region and indulge in spa treatments and therapies on Mineral Beach. Israel has music festivals which you can participate in, like The Red Sea Jazz Festival in the summer or The Red Sea Classical Music Festival in the winter.


Winners do Things Differently
Although it is the site of 3 religions and has a history and cultural heritage that is incomparable, Israel also has many surprises in store for the offbeat traveler. Watch the migration of thousands of different birds or go on a biking and hiking trip in a peaceful valley. Go back in time and visit the fortress of Herod, or visit the northern part of the desert region and observe fields of red anemones in full bloom. You can even stay at a kibbutz in Galilee.


Experience stunning sceneries on your own
In Tel Aviv you can drive to the Diaspora Museum and then continue onto ancient Ceasarea where you can explore Roman and Crusader ruins. You can then drive to Nazareth, the sacred town of Jesus’ childhood. Your route can then take you to the sparkling port city of Haifa, which has lots to see. It doesn’t end here, mountains, heritage sites and Jewish hospitality still await you. Let us plan your self drive route in the beautiful regions of Israel.


A great mix of budget and likeminded friends
Israel offers a plethora of options, both religious and fun for the budget traveler. Enjoy activities and experiences in the all inclusive Escorted Tours that the Namaste Israel team can put together for you, with a combination of other countries in the Middle East, like Jordan and Egypt. Engage in local experiences and as a bonus also get to travel with people across the world and make global friends, some of them friends for life.


Elongate the fun
Israel is in the heart of the Middle East and borders Jordan, Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea. You can drive to Jordan and stay in the coastal city of Aqaba. A visit to the city of Petra one of the 7 wonders of the new world is a must. A short flight away in Egypt is the only surviving wonder of the ancient world – the Pyramid of Cheops in Giza.

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